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Why Use Natural Products


Body Care Products We Put On Our Skin

The skin is a living, breathing tissue (actually the largest organ of the human body) that not only covers and protects our body, but also absorbs high levels of substances that come into contact with it. It is estimated that our skin absorbs 60% of chemicals it touches. Everything we put on our skin is absorbed by it. If we use hair or skincare products made with petrochemicals, parabens and chemical preservatives, we absorb those ingredients. If we use natural hair or skincare products made with natural ingredients, we absorb those ingredients also.

By using natural and organic products we can drastically reduce the amount of chemicals we absorb.The more we reduce the amount of toxins we introduce into our bodies, whether from food, drink or body care products, the more we give our bodies the opportunity to be healthier and live in a less toxic environment.

The Difference between chemical-based and natural

Most mass-produced skin care products are emulsions stabilized and preserved with a cocktail of chemicals. Although they may feel nice at first, these products actually absorb the natural oils from the skin's surface, creating drier and drier skin resulting in further dependency on their products.

On the other hand, natural ingredients such as plant-derived oils and especially essential oils are highly penetrative. They can nourish the skin with ingredients that encourage production of healthy skin cells, making the skin look smooth.

Natural products offer more value for the money because less product is needed.

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