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photo of Evelyn Hussein, founder of Ecosentials

About EcoSentials


EcoSentials is the product of my passion for a healthy lifestyle, healthy environment, and creating beauty from nature without sacrificing the well-being of either. As a professional Cosmetologist and gardener, I love to create beautiful harmony and balance. It's good for the soul.

I first started experimenting with creams due to allergies in our family and industry. Although Aloe Vera is very good for many it is one ingredient others are allergic to. My daughter and granddaughter are both in this category. I have sensitivities also, and no sooner would I find a product I could use and it was discontinued. I wanted to make the best natural skin care products that everyone could use, including those allergic to Aloe Vera, at an affordable price.

I have worked with the best products and strive to make mine even better, using organic wherever possible. I have formulated and tested these products for what seems to be years. All on human guinea pigs, of course! Thanks to all my friends, family and clients.

And now I give you EcoSentials....an Eco-friendly alternative.

Made with the finest ingredients available...made with only therapeutic grade essential oils - no synthetic fragrances....no animal testing.....no artificial colorants.....no parabens or formaldahyde forming preservatives....

All products are Aloe Vera free unless otherwise stated. I have some nut-free and Vegan products also.

I invite you to experience my products. Enjoy!

Evelyn Hussein (founder)



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