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Why Use Handmade Soap?

The consumer is beginning to discover the benefits that handmade, chemical free soaps have to offer. With the common use of synthetic chemicals and studies about their dangerous effects, consumers are searching for alternatives.

All our hand-crafted soaps are made using the cold process method of pure, natural glycerin that leave your skin feeling wonderful and silky.

They lather luxuriously. We blend skin-loving cold pressed olive, palm and coconut oils with extra emollients such as avocado oil, cocoa butter. shea butter, jojoba oil and other top, quality oils and additives to create soaps for a rich creamy lather that nourishes as it moisturizes.  All of our scented soaps are scented with pure therapeutic grade essentials oils. Unscented soaps are also available. We make goats milk and Vegan soaps.
Treat yourself and those you love to the luxury of fine handmade soaps

Mass Produced vs. Handcrafted

Unlike some commercial products, our soaps contain no detergents, chemicals or petroleum products and are never tested on animals: only human volunteers. Our soaps are very gentle and non-drying to the skin.

Most mass produced soaps available today are not really soaps at all, but detergents, highly synthetic, and contain harsh detergents and cancer causing chemicals. Detergents are a petroleum based product that tend to leave your skin feeling dry, itchy and tight. and can cause severe skin irritations in some people. Mass-produced soaps have many synthetic ingredients—such as sulphates to increase lather.

Tallow (animal fat) soaps, produce a harder bar of soap and are cheap to make - very lucrative for mass marketing conventional soap.

There's nothing like well made, glycerin rich, handcrafted natural soap to leave your skin feeling soft, smooth,and nourished. You will nver go back to harsh commercial soaps once you try handcrafted natural soaps.

Benefits Of Hand Soap

Evidence abounds of the healing properties of a handcrafted bar of soap.  Those who suffer from skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema, as well as people that have sensitive skin or are hypoallergenic often find immediate relief by switching to handcrafted soap. 

  • No artificial preservatives
  • Eco-Friendly
  • No artificial colorings
  • No surfactants (wetting agents)
  • No detergents
  • No harsh chemicals

Handmade Soap Is The Natural Choice
Skin is the first line of defense against dehydration, infection and harmful substances. Handmade soaps give your skin the care it deserves and make bathing a gentle, soothing experience. In our busy life we often neglect a simple pleasure like a special bar of soap.

Forthose wanting a natural and healthy way of life and to use only quality, healthy ingredients on their skin we create healthy treats for your skin.

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